Ann Hirsch is a video and performance artist who looks at the ways technology has influenced popular culture and gender. Her research has included becoming a YouTube camwhore, amassing over two million views on her videos, as well as making appearances on some popular reality television shows including as a romantic contestant on Vh1’s Frank the Entertainer…In a Basement Affair. She was awarded a 2012–13 Rhizome commission for her two person play Playground, which debuted at the New Museum and was recently awarded a 2014 WaveFarm Media Arts grant to continue producing this show. Her companion ebook, Twelve was censored from the iTunes store but is now available through Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery. She has been an artist in residence at Yaddo, Atlantic Center for the Arts and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Her work has been written about for, The New York Times,, and more. View her website here.

Leah Schrager is a Brooklyn based visual artist who creates images that involve photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, and text. Her work is informed by her experiences in dance, modeling, performance art, net art, and social practice, and is primarily an exploration of the line, movement, and biography of the female body. As an undergraduate she received the Dean’s Medal in the Arts from the University of Washington. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Fine Arts at Parsons The New School for Design. View her website here.

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