Longer Bio

Schrager grew up in a small northwestern US town where she found dance and theater. She continued studying dance at the University of Washington and performed in works by Martha Graham, Jose Limon, Zvi Gotheiner, amongst others. She danced in downtown and uptown productions, choreographed for theater, and performed in others’ performance art works at OtB, NY Live Arts, and more. Shortly after moving to NYC she started moving into photography and visual art. She found herself in the odd situation of not owning those images and not being able to get full resolution versions from the photographers leading to “My Modeling Portfolio” (2011), Schrager’s attempt to own her image as a female model, wherein she took her entire modeling portfolio (shot from 2002-2012) and created “derivative” works that she could “own.”

In 2010 she founded Naked Therapy as Sarah White. In 2011, Naked Therapy unexpectedly went viral and was covered in the NY Daily, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CBS, NBC, The Huffington Post, and many more news outlets. In 2012 she submitted artwork to the Chelsea West Artists Open Studios as Sarah White – The Naked Therapist. She was at first accepted, but after submitting her profile image, she was blackballed from the festival said that her image was an “ad” and not “art” and that she was a “commercial entity” and not an “artist.” This event opened her eyes to the prejudice in the art world against women who use the provocative (and potentially commercial) body performatively.

She returned to school to get her MFA in Fine Art in 2013. She explored multimedia works using her image as base (“appropriating her own image”), explored conceptual work including “The Google Project,” and co-curated “Body Anxiety” which was featured in Artforum.

In 2015 she started ONA as a celebrity-as-art-practice project, ONA. Her provocative performances, admitted engagement in online sex work, and unique status as an artist with a pro-sex approach puts her work on exciting and contemporary terrain. Current work is viewable under “Visual Work” in the menu above.