Welcome, Fotografiska viewer! I visited the show in NYC, and know you are in for a treat right now because you are walking through the exhibit. Thanks for taking the time to visit my QR code. You can click the menu icon above to see more of my work. And there you can find my instagram and twitter (both usernames are “leahschrager”).

The initial goal with this work was to find a way to present Instagram and Instagram comments rolling in in an interesting way. I did one work with IG posts called “Face Girl VS Ass Girl” at Scope Basel a couple years ago (it was a printed out scroll of comments that went from ceiling to floor and then, for Ass Girl anyways, curled over and over upon itself). In the last year, my celebrity-as-art-practice project, OnaArtist (who has 5.5 Million followers on Instagram) has been taking part in a lot of Instagram Lives. They are the most effective way to grow, and also an interesting way to chat with fellow models.

The work you see in front of you is titled “Which is Which: a scammer, a projection, and a performance artist go live on IG.” In it I record a live from my art Instagram (Leah Schrager) of my OnaArtist Instagram. With my insider knowledge of Instagram I know that one model is using a video recording, one model is a scammer (uses fake/bot likes and followers in her account), and one has a particularly performative presentation. I would assume that to your average viewer there would be little way to know which is which, so I ask you to guess. But in the end, isn’t there overlap in all of them?