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A selection of images from my solo booths at Scope Art Fair in NYC and Miami (which sold out) as well as some works from

Nu Matrearchs

This essay was originally published as part of the online art show “Nu Matrearchs” as part of The Wrong Biennial. The Instagram Model as Art

My First Time

An art installation and performance broadcast. The first installment in “The Artist is F#cked” Series at the newly launched Bedroom Gallery, NYC December 2, 2020

Leah – An American Dream

Standing seductively and defiantly at the hyper-contemporary crossroads of politically problematic social media performance, secretive art world patronage arrangements, and en vogue academic resistance to

Self-Made Supermodels

On Being an Instagram Model as a New Form of DIY, Digital, Feminized Performance September 8, 2016 Click here to read the essay on Rhizome

The Female Painter

“The Female Painter” was an adaptation of my MFA thesis and was published as my curatorial statement for Body Anxiety, an online art show. See


Glitter Peach

The black censor bars in the photographs are attached as a removable and optional sticker.

Ona Artist – 5M Instagram

Schrager’s celebrity-as-art-practice project is called ONA, and ran from 2015-2020. She started the project with the question: Is it possible to create a celebrity as

Body Anxiety

Body Anxiety is an online exhibition that opened January 24, 2015. It made an unexpectedly strong impact and was highly discussed. Link to the Show.


Multimedia Works

These pieces were printed on my home printer at 8.5” x 11” or 13” x 19”. The base images come from the Conceptual Online Projects

Am I Not Art/ist?

On April 19, 2012, I was accepted as an artist into the West Chelsea Artists Open Studios. On May 1, 2012, I was removed from

The Google Project

“The Google Project” began as an artistic interaction and documentation of the “web” and “image” results from Googling “Leah Schrager” in response to her online

Sarah White – Naked Therapy

Naked Therapy was founded by Sarah White in 2010 at SarahWhiteTherapy.com. In 2010 I had just moved to NYC, was pursuing modern dance while supporting

Visual Art

My Modeling Portfolio

Wanting to try my hand at making art out of my modeling images, I reached out to some photographers requesting co-copyright of our images and


During my college and early years in NYC, I was fortunate enough to dance and perform in pieces by Martha Graham, Trisha Brown, José Limón, Charles